Automatic Chicken Rearing Equipment: Functions and Analysis

Chicken classroom: notes and points for novice chicken farmers

Introduction: now chicken and want to raise chickens are very many people, and chicken project should be considered one of the more common of the many breeding projects, by people’s attention is also more. But want to raise chickens well, say easy is not easy, for novice chicken farmers first to understand the growth characteristics of chickens, the following together with a simple study.

  1. Thorax without diaphragm

Chicken’s various systems, such as the digestive system, and the respiratory system is no diaphragm between, this point and many animals will be different, so once the disease, the various systems are very easy to infect each other, such as respiratory problems, the digestive system may also be a problem, this in the treatment of the time to take into account the overall situation. Many people think that chicken disease is difficult to treat a problem, it is easy to have a mixed attack.

  1. Their own rules

Chickens are very regular for the time orientation, so usually in the management of their time should also be done regularly, such as feeding, to do regular, they will come over to eat, this time more hungry, eat something will be more. Light time should also be regular, change the environment of their survival, it is easy to make them appear stress reaction.

  1. Fear of heat

Chickens have no sweat glands, so they can only dissipate heat by breathing, which is very limited, and they will feel very uncomfortable when the temperature is very high. Generally speaking, the temperature of the chicken house is better not to exceed 32 °, otherwise the probability of chicken death will be greater.

  1. Small feed intake

There is a very typical idiom to describe chickens, which is small-bellied. This is a good description of the chicken’s intestines are very short and small, and the capacity is also very small. She doesn’t have teeth to chew her food, so each time she eats a smaller amount, it’s better digested that way.

Overall, if you want to raise chickens well, you need to understand their characteristics and master the full range of farming techniques.

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