Poultry Farming Equipment Supplier

Poultry Farming Equipment Supplier

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Hi! This is Doris from Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural S&T Co., Ltd. in China. Our company is committed to the production and sale of livestock farming equipment, focusing on providing one-stop solutions for animal breeding farms such as poultry farm, cattle farm, sheep farm, and pig farm. Our services include farm planning and design, construction, equipment supply, pre-installation commissioning, as well as the supply of breeding technology and feed.

The equipment we provide includes four categories:
1. Steel processing, such as chicken cages, quail cages, and livestock breeding fences;
2. Automation control systems, such as automatic drinking and feeding systems, automatic environment control systems, and automatic manure removal systems;
3. Plastic products, such as plastic drinkers and feeding buckets, plastic floors, and animal ear tags;
4. Animal artificial breeding equipment and tools, such as animal ultrasound equipment, artificial visual insemination equipment, and so on.

Here are our hot-selling items to your market.
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H Type Layer Chicken Cage

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Automated system for Modern pig farm

Modern Cattle Farm Equipment
Economics of goat sheep farm design
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Our products meet industry standards and regulations, For the safety of users and third parties, we manage risks according to CE and ISO9001:2015 standards at all stages of the product life cycle.
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