Layer Chicken Cage Design and Modern Layer Breeding Technology

Layer Chicken Cage Design and Technology

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Layer Chicken Cage Design And Modern Layer Breeding Technology
Material: high quality Q235 wire ,never sink or distortion;
Service life:15-20 years;
Design: customized to suit various chicken farm requirements and ensure each bird has enough space;

  1. Simple and reliable technical design;
  2. Unique structure, save time and effort;
  3. Mature galvanizing process; Long service life
  4. Convenient operation and simple maintenance;

H type battery cages for layers, Automatic Chicken Cage inculde cage system together with automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection system, automatic chicken dung cleaning system and so to be full automatic system for large-scale and medium-sized farm.

We have provided the global livestock industry with complete sets of automatic and smart integral solutions for layer breeding over the past decades, including complete sets of automatic equipment used for layer cage, egg collection and environment control of the poultry house.

Complete sets of cost-effective automatic equipment for layer cage, including the egg cage system, pullet cage system and layer breeder cage system for your efficient breeding.

H type layer chicken cage system is a laminated automatic feeding system for layers, developed by Great Farm. It can be designed with 3-12 tiers as required by customers. The system includes modules such as egg collection, feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, lighting, climate control and Internet of Things, meets the highest requirements of users in animal health, laying performance and environmental factors.

● The laminated frame features a reasonable design and a firm structure, so birds will have a low death rate. High-density feeding saves land and cost.

● The egg collection system features stable operation, low egg breaking rate, convenient operation and high degree of automation.

● The front-end filter unit ensures clean water, with 2 nipples in a single cage, sufficient water supply and convenience in drinking.

● The manure cleaning system features high resistance to corrosion and reasonable structural design, ensuring that the manure belt is clean.

● The climate control system is highly automated and smart, providing a good living environment for birds, which can reduce mortality rate of birds and improve laying rate.

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