Automatic Chicken Rearing Equipment: Functions and Analysis

Six Practical Tips for Raising Chickens

To raise chickens well, it’s essential to learn the techniques of chicken farming, practice scientific methods, and apply poultry farming knowledge to effortlessly achieve profitability in chicken farming. Here are six practical tips for raising chickens:

  1. Observation of Flock’s Status: When inspecting the flock, it’s crucial to observe attentively. For instance, a nasal blockage or swollen face might indicate a respiratory disease. Similarly, if the overall flock appears excessively overweight, there could be a risk of fatty liver disease.
  2. Listening to Flock Calls: As the chicken coop might be crowded, sometimes what the eyes miss can be picked up by the ears. After turning off noisy equipment at night, listen for coughing, sneezing, or unusual sounds. These sounds could indicate that some chickens might be ill.
  3. Sensing the Air in the Coop: Check the ventilation and dust levels inside the coop. The air quality in the coop is a crucial factor affecting productivity.
  4. Keeping Detailed Records: Recording data regularly aids in analysis. For instance, weigh the egg-laying hens weekly and keep records. Similarly, record the temperature and humidity inside the coop daily. These records can offer insights if there’s a low egg production or high mortality rate.
  5. Seeking Advice: Communicate with other poultry farmers to ask questions and seek advice. When raising concerns, try to provide details about symptoms, disease conditions, and preferably autopsy results for better mutual understanding and exchange of information.
  6. Calculating Profits: Skillfully calculate relevant ratios regularly. In egg-laying chicken farming, commonly used ratios include feed-to-egg ratio, egg production rate, mortality rate, among others.

These are the six practical tips for raising chickens. By mastering these aspects, along with effective management and record-keeping, you can successfully raise healthy chickens.

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