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What to Do When Chickens Lay Few Eggs? You Might Have Missed These Three Aspects

If you want your chickens to lay more eggs, there are certain things you can feed them to increase egg production, such as garlic, feather meal, insects, and the like. This is because chickens lack teeth. During the digestion process, something hard is needed to grind the food.

How can you get your chickens to lay more eggs? By managing these three aspects well, your egg-laying hens will be more productive:

  1. Maintaining the temperature of the chicken coop between 13 and 20 degrees Celsius is crucial if you want the chickens to lay more eggs, along with proper ventilation.
    To encourage more egg-laying, ensure the coop maintains a specific temperature. The ideal temperature for egg production is between 13 and 20 degrees Celsius. Apart from temperature control, proper ventilation in the coop is essential to regulate humidity and ammonia levels.
  2. Raising chickens in a plastic shed can increase the lighting time, supplementing light with bulbs to enhance brightness.
    Using a plastic shed as a coop can boost egg production. The shed provides ample sunlight, and if there’s insufficient daylight, bulbs can be installed to maintain a light exposure of around 15 hours a day.
  3. Feed the chickens items that can increase egg production, such as garlic skins, small stones, feather meal, insects, etc.

Encouraging chickens to consume items that enhance egg production, like garlic, feather meal, and insects, is beneficial. Chickens lack teeth, and having something hard to digest aids in grinding food during digestion. Hence, providing chickens with some hard items can promote digestion and potentially improve egg production.

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