Chicken must see: efficient chicken technology

Introduction: In recent years, many farming projects have emerged in rural areas, farmers breeding on the one hand to increase income, on the other hand, to enhance their own farming techniques, such as chicken farmers are now very much, how can we raise chickens efficiently? Next together to understand it!

In recent years, there are many farming projects in rural areas, farmers farming on the one hand to increase income, on the other hand, to enhance their own farming techniques, such as chicken farmers are now very much, how can we efficiently raise chickens? Next together to understand it!

1, site selection farm should choose the terrain is high and dry, good water quality, easy drainage, convenient transportation place breeding, the general site should be off the living area, and vehicles can reach.

2, chicken breeds to choose the better chicken breeds directly determines the effectiveness of the late chicken, farmers are advised to choose adaptable, high disease resistance, resistance to rough feeding, tender meat of the local breed of chicken, but also according to the market demand, choose to sell popular varieties, the general chicken rearing cycle is relatively short, 45 days can be out of the pen.

3, chicken equipment chicken need to prepare the cage, drinking water equipment, feeding equipment, manure removal equipment, if it is a large-scale breeding, we should consider the use of comprehensive mechanized equipment.

4, chicken feed preparation chicken density should be moderate, prepare enough troughs, drinking water, to ensure that each hen can eat food and water, and drinking water should be clean and clean, every day in addition to regular feeding, and pay attention to improve the nutritional level of the ration, in addition to giving sufficient light, regulate the temperature and humidity in the coop, cold conditions, pay attention to do a good job of preventing the cold and keeping warm. Ensure stable egg production level of laying hens.

5、Prevent chicken disease
(1) Do a good job of daily observation, you need to observe the chicken’s food intake, drinking water performance, activity, breathing and other basic conditions, for the prevention and treatment of chicken disease, to “early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment”, to reduce the loss of breeding.
(2) Strict disinfection, all the facilities in the chicken coop need to be disinfected, including cages, sinks, egg racks, troughs, etc. need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise the feed will be moldy and deteriorate, and the feces can be disinfected by mixing with bleach.
(3) Do a good job of immunization, immunization refers to the chicken injection or oral vaccine, bacteriophage and other biological agents, which can improve the chicken’s resistance to pathogenic bacteria, so as to avoid the occurrence of a specific epidemic, and the antibody produced can also be inherited to the chicks, so the chicken’s immunization work is very important.

In summary, the introduction of efficient chicken technology is here, if farmers and friends quickly fatten chickens, we must master the scientific and efficient methods, I hope this article will help you.

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