Chicken knowledge: these five things chicken farmers have to do seriously every day!

Introduction:Now in the countryside, raising chickens is very common. We are in the process of raising chickens, the most important thing is diligent and serious, that is to say, can not be lazy, every day to do the same thing can not be less? So when raising chickens, what are the things that must be done every day? The following will take you to understand.

Chicken farmers have to do five things every day, what are they?

1, every day to check the temperature, humidity, ventilation and light conditions

In the various articles on chicken keeping, we should have seen the emphasis on the importance of these three. We are checking the temperature, can not just look at the thermometer, but also pay attention to the actual temperature is consistent with the thermometer; check the humidity is the same reason, especially for chicks, humidity has a greater impact; check the ventilation can be through the chicken farmers feel and observe the condition of chickens to judge, if the chicken coop smells uncomfortable for you, then the chicken is certainly not comfortable, the general symptoms of the performance of chickens will be wilted not pull a few. The general symptom is that the chickens will be wilted. As for the light, egg chickens and broilers have different light programs, chicken farmers need to pay attention to check the intensity and uniformity of light every day to avoid deviation.

2, every day to check the chicken’s mental state

The mental state of chickens directly determines whether the chickens are healthy or not. So by checking the mental state of the chickens, it can be a good judgment of the health of the chickens. Whether the chicken’s mental state is normal or not can be judged by three aspects. One is the state of the chickens directly, such as whether they are depressed, dozing, piling up or too excited. In addition, through the sound of the chicken (such as whether there is respiratory rales, whether coughing, whether to make a strange call, etc.), as well as the chicken drinking water and eating materials, etc., can judge whether the chicken’s mental state is normal.

3, every day to check the number of dead chickens

In fact, chicken farms have dead chickens is not something abnormal, because of weakness or other factors, there are very few dead chickens appear, chicken farmers do not need to panic. Chicken farmers check the dead chickens every day, the important thing is to figure out the cause of death of chickens, as well as the mortality rate. The mortality rate is an important indicator for diagnosing chicken diseases.

4, every day to pay attention to observe the feces of chickens

I have introduced the chicken’s feces to determine what disease the chicken has. Read those contents of the chicken farmers friends, also must understand why to pay attention to observe the feces every day, because it can quickly determine the health of chickens. Once found dilute diarrhea or other abnormal feces, chicken farmers should be taken as soon as possible to respond to the program.

5, Check the air quality of chicken coop every day

The first article talked about checking the ventilation, its focus is to ensure that the chicken does not get cold, but also to ensure the air quality in the chicken coop. The main culprits affecting the air quality of the chicken coop are ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and so on. Now that we are about to enter the winter season, air quality is more likely to be a problem, and that makes it an even more important point for chicken farmers to focus on every day. To improve air quality, in addition to ventilation, there are ways to clean up manure and change bedding in a timely manner.

The above five points are the chicken farmers to do every day, for chicken farmers, only to do these things, in order to reduce the risk of raising chickens, so as to improve the efficiency of raising chickens, so let’s work together to be a hard-working and serious chicken farmers.

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