Automatic Chicken Rearing Equipment: Functions and Analysis

Chicken tips to share: pumpkin seeds on the wonderful use of raising chickens

Introduction: The chicken industry, not to say very profitable, but at least not bad right. Each chicken farmers want to earn more, can save some cost also try to save some. Today, I introduce you to the pumpkin seeds on the chicken, can save a lot of money for farmers Oh!

Pumpkin seeds on the wonderful use of chicken

Pumpkin seeds can be used as medicine, do you know? And it works, it works! Especially when the usual chicken is thin, chicken immunity is weak, or there are white worm eggs in the feces, it will be a good choice.

(1) Supplemental nutrition, improve immunity Pumpkin seeds contain a large number of fatty acids can provide energy to the chickens; at the same time, the amino acids in pumpkin seeds can also promote the production of immune proteins, improve the immunity of chickens; in addition, pumpkin seeds also contain vitamins.

Overall, pumpkin seeds are beneficial to the growth and development of chickens and improve the ability to resist stress.

(2) Exorcise internal parasites

If chickens are infected with tapeworms and roundworms, there will be white transparent eggs in the feces. After dissecting the sick and dead chickens, large worms can be seen, and there are hemorrhages and damages in the organs and tissues. Parasites will suck nutrients from the chicken’s body, causing the chickens to appear thin, lose resistance, and be depressed.

Because the amino acid component in pumpkin seeds has a paralyzing effect on the parasites, so at this time, feeding pumpkin seeds to chickens can repel and kill chicken tapeworms and chicken roundworms.

Usage: After the pumpkin is ripe, pull out the pumpkin seeds, dry them in the sun, and grind them for raw use. 1.5-2 grams per chicken in deworming.

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