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Chicken skills: skillfully use the chicken crop to know chicken disease in advance!

Introduction: chicken disease is common to encounter in the process of raising chickens, but do you know? Most of the chicken disease is caused by improper management, may be many farmers will ask, how can I know in advance of their management problems? Today, I will tell you that the chicken crop is a very good alarm!

The crop will tell you in advance when your management just has a loophole. If corrected in time, it will fundamentally reduce the negligence of management and reduce the occurrence of disease.

Crop Inspection Methods: Another way to determine if your chicks are getting the environmental conditions they need is to inspect their crop within the first 12-24 hours after they come in. To check the crop, pick up the chick and feel the crop to see if it is full of the feed/water mixture. A proper crop should feel like it has the consistency of peanut butter.

If less than 95% of the chicks examined have a normal crop, the following factors may need to be checked:

  1. feed-Insufficient feed, feed surface area, feed pattern, feed quality.
  2. water-Water quality, quantity, drinking line too high/low, clogged drinking nipples, incorrect pressure, excessive temperature.
  3. Ventilation-Inadequate ventilation (high CO2, ammonia, moisture), excessive ventilation (airflow, heater running too long, causing overheating of the area, flock crush), air leakage in the area where the chicks are located, improper air management.
  4. Temperature – too hot (so that the chicks do not want to eat), too cold (chicks crowded together for warmth).

Above is my compilation on how to skillfully use the chicken crop to determine the details of the breeding management problems, do you understand all of them? These methods can know your problems in advance, so as to improve management and reduce costs.

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