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Chicken classroom: chicken drink water how will also die?

Introduction: Recently there are many farmers asked why chickens drink water will also die? Drinking water is a very important part of the chicken process. Whether it is a healthy flock of normal drinking water, or a sick flock drinking water with drugs, chicken farmers need to rationalize the arrangement of chicken drinking water. Because there are times when improper drinking of water by chickens may also cause water intoxication, and many chicken farmers are negligent in this regard.

Water poisoning in chickens often occurs in chicks. Poisoning occurs not because the water itself with toxicity, but because the chick in a short period of time a large number of drinking water, resulting in water and salt metabolism confusion, water into the cells caused by brain cell edema, which triggered some physical and neurological symptoms, if not treated in time, it may cause the death of the chick.

Therefore, it is very important to reasonably arrange the drinking water of the chicks, if the chicks fail to drink water for a long time because of the unreasonable arrangement or forgetfulness of the chicken farmers, at this time, once the water supply, the chicks will almost certainly drink a lot of water, thus causing water intoxication. A typical symptom of water intoxication in chicks is that the crop is waterlogged and enlarged, and even appears transparent.

In addition, convulsions, spasms, disheveled feathers, staying away from the flock, poor spirit, poor appetite or even no food, salivation, diarrhea, etc., are also common symptoms of water intoxication in chicks. Water poisoning in chicks that die, anatomy can be seen inside the crop with a large amount of water without feed, the intestinal lumen with water, intestinal mucosa easy to peel off, the digestive tract with hemorrhage, meningeal congestion and other symptoms.

After the water poisoning chicks, chicken farmers should be discharged as soon as possible in the crop of the water, the common method is to lift the chick upside down, massage its crop, so that the inside of the water from the chickens out of the mouth. At the same time, add multivitamin, 1% salt and 5% glucose in the drinking water, and feed it for 1 to 2 days, usually recover.

Note: Once again, remind all chicken farmers: chick water break time is not too long, otherwise you need to use the above content.

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