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Raising chickens is raising intestines, chicken feeding management technology points

introduction: If you are concerned about us, you should know that we have talked about “raising chickens is raising intestines” before. Now the chicken often appear the problem, to a large extent is the chicken intestinal tract is not well fed. If the intestinal tract is well maintained, the chicken will not be so difficult to raise. The following and you talk about chicken intestinal care management.

First, feed

Feed is an important factor affecting the chicken intestinal tract, because what the chickens eat is to be digested and absorbed through the intestinal tract. So you must pay more attention when feeding.

It is important to know that chickens have to eat different feeds at different stages. Even sometimes not only depends on the age, but also according to the weight of the chicken and other timely adjustment of feed. And in the replacement of feed should not be rapid one-time direct replacement, that will cause discomfort to the chickens, there may be a stress reaction. The best way to replace the feed is to mix the old and new feeds together and slowly let the chickens adapt.

Feed is the main source of nutrients for chicken growth, so chicken farmers in the purchase of chicken feed must go to the regular agricultural store to buy, do not want to buy cheap feed of poor quality, when the chicken ate the nutritional deficiencies, poor health prone to disease. There is also in the preservation of feed, must be placed in a dry place, to avoid moldy feed.

Second, drink water

Now it is winter, the weather is cold, room temperature water to the coop are turned into a chilled effect of the water, so the chicken intestinal tract is very unfavorable. So in the cold winter you can feed some warm water to the chicken. When feeding water can be a small number of times, do not have to feed a lot, because the water is easy to be contaminated too long.

Third, sterilization

In the process of raising chickens, chicken farmers must pay attention to the disinfection work. When the weather is warmer, you can drive the chickens out of the coop collectively, a disinfection of the coop, you can use the method of fumigation, such as disinfection and ventilation, and then put the chickens collectively, but after the disinfection must pay attention to the temperature and humidity control of the coop.

The above is about chicken intestinal maintenance management points, chicken farmers must take good care of the chicken intestinal tract, pay attention to the daily feeding management of chickens.

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