Four-layer (H-type) layer chicken cage

Improving poultry farm efficiency: How can Four-Layer (H-Type) Layer Chicken Cages save you valuable space and cost?

Four-layer (H-type) laying hen cage specifications: each chicken cage is 195 cm long, 60 cm wide, and 43 cm high. The chicken cage adopts a cold-drawn galvanized system. Cages can last 10-15 years with proper ventilation.

High-density breeding saves land, which is about 70% less than that of the ladder type; centralized management saves energy and resources, reduces the incidence of poultry diseases, and the unique design of the cage door effectively prevents chickens from shaking their heads up and down to waste feed. It adopts advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic control system to fully save energy consumption, improve labor productivity, and increase the ratio of feed to eggs. Save space and increase the stocking density to more than 62/square meter. It can also be properly adjusted according to the size of the site, and an automatic drinking water system can be installed; the conveyor belt type manure is used to dry the chicken manure into granules, which reduces environmental pollution and has a high reuse rate of chicken manure; ecological/environmental protection, it is green eggs, Ideal rearing equipment for eco-friendly egg products.

Four-layer (H-type) layer chicken cage

A full set of chicken coops includes:

  1. Cage body (customers can customize the size of the chicken cage, and the chicken cage door has a horizontal sliding door and a vertical sliding door.);
  2. Cage frame (materials include angle iron and U-shaped steel, customers can customize according to the actual situation.);
  3. Drinking fountains (with springs, steel balls, and hanging cups);
  4. Tin sheet trough;
  5. Water pipes (made of PVC, each 4 meters long);
  6. Water pipes and trough accessories (including elbows, tees, straight-throughs, buckles, food joints, food plugs, water tanks, water tank racks, etc.).

Advantages of chicken cages: The front mesh design of chicken cages is generally composed of vertical wires and a few horizontal wires. The gap between the cage wires is 5 cm, and the cage door is generally 2-3 wires, connected with the front net, and opened inwards or outwards. The layer chicken cages in our factory have a wire mesh diameter of 3.0 mm and a high-quality cold-drawn wire with a hardness of 235, which is much higher than the hardness of 195 cold-drawn wire used by ordinary small factories. After ten or eight years, the elasticity is still as new. At present, the chicken cages produced by small factories on the market use some slightly cold-drawn wires in order to reduce costs. Please keep your eyes open when buying chicken cages.

Performance characteristics of chicken coop:

  1. Cold galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing processes can be selected for the surface of the cage;
  2. The structure of the chicken cage is simple, easy to operate, durable;
  3. The cage mesh and the bottom mesh are encrypted, which can effectively prevent chickens from pecking their feathers and anus, and reduce the egg breaking rate and fatigue syndrome of laying hens;
  4. The thicker steel wire structure of the front mesh is more solid, the structure is reasonable, and the energy consumption is low;
  5. The design of the horizontal door, the cage door has a larger space, and the position of the chicken feeding can be changed arbitrarily, which effectively solves the mutual crowding of the chickens when eating, and ensures that the chickens eat more evenly;
  6. Save feed, also reduce the stress response of laying hens and the probability of chicken injury, save water, and have a low egg breaking rate;
  7. Good ventilation and lighting, which is conducive to the growth of chickens, high feeding density, small footprint, high degree of intensification, and good economic benefits; suitable for various types of chicken houses (open, semi-open and closed)

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