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Chicken Rearing Methods and Tips

Chicken is a common poultry, soil chicken is a popular breeding project in the current livestock industry, many people choose to raise chickens in rural areas, which can reduce costs and increase the benefits of farming. The following gives you an introduction to chicken farming methods and techniques.

1, breeding environment ecological soil chicken should choose ecological environment superior natural grasslands, natural slopes, orchards and other suitable grazing place to raise. No big pollution sources around the stocking place, there is abundant grass, the slope of the mountain should be 3 ~ 5 degrees, the maximum does not exceed 25 °, and requires good lighting, green shade, abundant water sources, easy access to water, water quality to meet the standard of human drinking water.

2, selected species of excellent varieties is the basis for raising high-quality broiler. Should be selected muscle, meat, delicious, strong resistance, small and medium-sized varieties.

3, the establishment of the chicken coop chicken coop in the ground height should be higher than the house 25-35 centimeters, otherwise the floor of the chicken coop and mats are easy to wet, resulting in chicken disease. The roof of the chicken coop can be covered with straw for insulation and heat preservation. The east and west walls of the chicken coop should have windows for ventilation and cooling in summer.

4, brooding period management brooder room temperature is maintained at 24 ~ 25 ℃, 1 week old 30 ~ 32 ℃ is good, and then can be reduced by 2 ~ 3 ℃ per week, until room temperature. Humidity is maintained at 50% ~ 60%, the number of hours of light per day to 23 hours is appropriate. In the process of brooding, we should always keep the environment, drinking water, material bucket clean and hygienic.

5, de-warming period management 3 weeks after the start of the de-warming feed, de-warming period should pay special attention to the external temperature. The temperature difference between inside and outside is large, the chicken resistance to disease is low, poor regulation, so you should choose a warm sunny day, 24 hours a day after the daily increase in feeding time, so that the chicken gradually adapt to the environmental changes. Severe winter cold season, pay attention to bad weather.

6, stocking period management when the chicken weight reaches 500 grams or so, with stocking conditions, making the chicken scattered in the grazing area, natural ecological feeding, so that the chicken in the vast mountains and fields respectively to develop the ability to freely catch insects, peck sand grains, looking for young leaves and fruits on the tree.

7, strict epidemic prevention according to the chicken requirements of strict hygiene, disinfection and epidemic prevention, there shall not be the slightest slackness, special attention should be paid to the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis, Coccidioides albicans and gastrointestinal parasitic diseases.

The above is the introduction of chicken methods and techniques, the economic benefits of chicken is still very good, be sure to do a good job in all aspects of chicken management.

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