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Six practical tips for raising chickens

To raise chickens well, we need to learn the skills of raising chickens, to do scientific chicken rearing, the use of technical knowledge of chicken rearing to easily create the benefits of chicken rearing. Here are six practical tips for raising chickens.
1, look at the state of the chickens in the inspection of the chickens eyes to see more, more observation. For example, if the nose is blocked or the face is swollen, it is possible to get respiratory disease; then for example, the overall chicken group size is obviously too fat, which may have the risk of fatty liver.
2, listen to the chickens screaming chicken coop may be more crowded, so with the ears can often hear the eyes did not notice the situation. In the chicken coop every day after turning off the lights, you can temporarily turn off the noisy equipment, listen to the sound of coughing, sneezing sound, or whether there is no babbling. If these sounds appear, it usually means that there may be chickens have been sick.
3, feel the chicken coop air such as whether the chicken coop ventilation, dust is more and so on. Because the air in the coop is also a very important factor affecting the yield.
4, more data to facilitate analysis, such as the weight of laying hens, regular weekly weighing and recording; another example is the daily fixed-point recording of the temperature and humidity in the chicken coop. After the record will also keep these records, if the batch of chicken egg production rate is low or high rate of dead, you can find experience from these data.
5, there are problems to ask farmers can add some more about the breeding of this group, ask questions, but also try to symptoms, morbidity, morbidity status, it is best to have an autopsy results and so on a piece of the issue, so that we can better communicate with each other.

6, to be more calculating skillful calculating should often calculate the relevant rate. In the process of egg breeding, often used, for example, there are feed and egg ratio, egg production rate, dead rate and so on.
The above is about the chicken practical six skills introduced, master these aspects, and good management and records, then you can raise a good chicken.

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