Thicken heat preservation bulb

Heat preservation lamp bulb for piglet chick brood

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Product name: Thickened heat preservation bulb pig farm heat preservation lamp waterproof and explosion-proof lamp chick heat bulb

Regulation of temperature:
1.In the first few days, the chickens are surrounded by infrared insulation bulbs, within the range of 1.2 meters in diameter, which expands with the increasing age or temperature day by day.
2.Originally, bulb of infra-red heat preservation of 0~1 week age is hanged at leaving the ground 45 centimeters tall, can drop to leave the ground 33~35 centimeters tall when be like room temperature low, the 2nd week ages rises bulb every week 7~8 centimeters, till 60 centimeters stop.
3.To judge whether the temperature regulation is appropriate or not, it is necessary to observe the activity state of the chicks. Generally, the group of chicks indicates the low temperature, while the scattered means the temperature is slightly higher.

Heat preservation lamp breeding advantages

1. Simple equipment, easy to use and install
2. Keep leakage and stability, easy to keep clean in breeding room, dry floor MATS
3. Chicks can easily choose the temperature they need
4. Usually the breeding results are good.

Product parameters

Product name Poultry thickened heat preservation bulb
Model GF-BD-02
Size 12*12*14CM
Weight 0.2KG
Power supply 250W
Application Chicken, rabbit, goose, pig, sheep, duck

Its lamp body is mostly high borosilicate hard glass, completely different from the glass used by ordinary infrared lamp, glass hardness is high, earthquake resistant, heat resistant, waterproof, explosion proof.

Fully convert electrical energy into infrared heat energy for winter livestock and poultry insulation role.

Its radiant heat preservation saves the winter heating cost of livestock and poultry in breeding farms. It has the advantages of low cost, easy installation and no pollution of air in breeding houses. It has been widely used in breeding industry at home and abroad.

Its heat distribution uniform and mild, can quickly penetrate into the small animal body, instant heating effect, promote metabolism, smooth blood circulation, play the highest power.

Infrared heat preservation lamp is used for temperature control of livestock houses, infrared ray is a special invisible heat radiation line.



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