Egg Weight Sorting Machine

5400pcs/hour egg weight sorting machine egg grading packing machine/egg sorting machine

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5400 Pieces/hr Chicken Egg Weight Classifier/egg Grading Packing Machine/egg Sorter

The egg grading machine is suitable for grading the weight of eggs, duck eggs, skin eggs, multiple eggs and other egg products.
1.The frame structure is made of stainless steel, the equipment is light in weight, good in strength and beautiful in appearance.
2.The spare parts are consistent, no difference, with good interchangeability.
3.Knife type conveying, lever weighing principle, accurate weighing and easy adjustment.
4 eccentric chain wheel and compensation chain wheel transmission structure, improve efficiency.
5 the use of cam gear structure and chain drive, so that the eggs are weighed in sequence without breakage;.
6 self-rolling rubber wheel, automatically adjusting the arrangement of eggs
7 light inspection cover, visible through light inspection detects the good or bad eggs (optional)
8It can be connected with egg washing machine to form egg production line.

Process flow of Egg Weight Grading Machine
1 Manual egg loading: simple and quick.
2 Light inspection: light bulb light inspection to pick out cracked, loose yolk, deformed, sandy skin and other unqualified eggs
3 Grading: mechanical weighing system bar, grading the eggs by weight.

The egg grading machine is very simple to operate. After the operator (1-2 people) puts the eggs on the conveyor line, the
equipment can automatically distribute the eggs to different collection baskets according to the weight of the eggs. The equipment
has reliable performance and convenient operation. , high efficiency, the characteristics of eggs not easily broken during the
grading process.




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