Automatic large industrial incubators

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Scope of application Either ordinary poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, or birds such as pigeons and peacocks can be adapted to hatch their young birds.

The company has also introduced a three-purpose integrated machine, which can integrate the three functions of hatching, hatching and brooding to improve the survival rate. There is no need to buy an incubator. After the chicks are out of the shell, the chicks can be brooded in the cabinet to increase the survival rate.

Product advantages
1. Double system control panel, easy to operate, clear at a glance,
2. Automatically turn the eggs in 90minutes, heat evenly, avoid dead eggs and other phenomena
3. High-density insulation layer, which surrounds the foam board around the whole machine, which increases the insulation time and reduces power consumption.
4. Uniform temperature fan system: The uniform temperature fan transmits the heat continuously emitted by the electric heating tube to the box through the wind
5. Automatic water driving system: connect the bucket and the water pan ball valve with a water pipe, the water will automatically flow into the water pan after the bucket is raised, and the heating tube will drive the temperature in the incubator according to the water in the water pan
6. Temperature and humidity measurement and control system: it can detect the temperature and humidity in the incubator
7. Metal wrap corners: add metal wrap corners and wrap edges to the corners of the product to make the product stronger Manual heating: In the event of a power failure, a heating pot can be used to manually heat the cabinet to ensure uninterrupted incubation.

Our product feature:
1.Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency
2.Full automatically temperature controlling
3.Full automatically humidity controlling
4.Full automatically eggs turning
5.Full automatically alarming
6.Full automatically cooling and ventilator
7.Back emergency system
8 .microcomputer, completely automatic incubator
9.using coal ,electricity two heating
10.hatching rate more than 98%.
two function in one machine
first 18days put chicken egg trays in machine,
after 18days (last 3days ) transfer eggs to hatcher boxes, and put hatcher boxes in to machine

Adaptation:Chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, peacocks, birds, etc.
mainly used for hatching eggs, embryo development, breeding farm hatcheries, hatcheries, chicken farms, and poultry hatching Wait.



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